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The 6th Country Liberty Cover Contest giving away a $1000 package!!

The 6th Country Liberty Cover Contest giving away a $1000 package!!


The 6th annual Country Liberty Cover Contest is officially started and we are NOW accepting submissions. Due to the uncertainty of next year’s festival season we have decided to change up our winner’s prize pack:

Winner receives: 

  • 5 night stay at Liberty Village (4 people) redeemable at any time including prime season.
  • $250 sponsorship package from Country Liberty. 
  • Total package value of $1000! 

To participate you must: 

  • Complete the linked form.
  • Email us a cover video of yourself performing (no larger than 1GB).
  • Contestants must be wearing a Country Liberty item in your video.

 With just under a combined 1 Million impressions among artists on last year’s contest we are VERY proud to leverage our platform to amplified your sound! 

Cover Contest Details:

Participating musicians will have the chance to win a $750 value at Liberty Village + $250 package from Country Liberty. Local music fans get the opportunity to support your favourite acoustic performers. Here's how to get involved as either participating talent or as a fan:


- Applications are now OPEN
- Follow the application's instructions to submitting your cover video
- You must be wearing a Country Liberty product in your video
- Your video must not exceed 1GB in size
- Your video must be submitted no later than Nov. 1st, 2020
- The contest will be hosted on our Facebook Page for 2 weeks after receiving submissions
- To maintain a level playing field for all we do not allow Facebook boosting until after the contest has finished.



- You can campaign your favourite performance by sharing their video on Facebook
- You can help promote them by sharing on various other social media streams (Instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc.)
- Encourage the artists with positive comments making this an enjoyable experience for everyone!
- Tag friends in the original post and its shares

Good luck & enjoy everyone!!!