Black 1924CL Unisex Tee

Black 1924CL Unisex Tee

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Welcome the Illustrated Series: our most creative and thoughtful collection yet.

We have teamed up with world class designer, photographer and brand expert Christian Watson of 1924us to bring you our favourite collection to date. Within the early days of Country Liberty we discovered Christian and his work and have been absolutely blown away with his efforts, results, thoughtfulness, level of creativity and attention to detail. Christian and the 1924us page has served as our single deepest inspiration within the presentation and creation of the Country Liberty brand. 

Fast forward until now, we have had the pleasure to work hand in hand with Christian on a large group of brand assets we are beyond thrilled to be sharing with you. At the 1924us shop they believe in creating within a traditional mindset (like the roaring 20’s) building and celebrating products that make your proud to have and that last. Unconventionally in modern day Christian takes the old fashion approach to design actually drawing his drafts by hand, that’s right, pencil and paper to later scan them in modernizing his creations.

As a result our design are full of personality, humanized and exclusive. We couldn’t be happy with the results of working with Christian and the 1924us team and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!