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Our Story

The Story

The idea of Country Liberty was born when then 19-year-old Sawyer Hannay was pursuing a professional hockey career in Salzburg Austria. He immediately realized the cultural differences between Europe and rural Canada. Sawyer was always proud of where he came from, but his sense of pride became significantly more intense when living so far away from home. He began dreaming up a way he could proudly represent the culture he was raised in. After almost two years of brainstorming he decided it was time to bring this idea to life in the form of an apparel brand, it was then he approached family and friends to get the ball rolling.



The Brand

Our concept behind Country Liberty is very simple. We wanted to create a representative for those that appreciate the country life. This can range from people born and raised in the country, to weekenders or cottagers that love getting out to the peace and quiet when they can. The country provides a significant level of freedom, enlightening this aspect is the main goal of the brand. The fresh air, lack of restraint and the beautiful environment is what we love about being in the country. Not everybody has the chance to live a truly free life, in the country we do.



The Creator

I am Sawyer Hannay from outside of small town Rexton New Brunswick. I grew up on family land and I am very proud to say this place has raised me into the person I am today. I left home at 16 to pursue a professional hockey career. After beginning to travel the world at a young age, I gained perspective by seeing the difference between culture to culture. Although traveling was exciting, I quickly realized where my heart truly belonged-in my hometown. Once given the opportunity to represent the values I was so proud to practice through Country Liberty, I knew I found my calling.


Brand Values

Although our brand has many values the following four are our main focuses:

Freedom, Community, Integrity, & Appreciation. 


Why Country Liberty?

Why our brand over the next? Simply because we care. Our culture breeds compassionate, personable, down to earth human beings. We CARE about our customer, we CARE about the lives we can touch, and we CARE to give people within our community a symbol that they can call their own, a symbol they can call home.


Our items are ethically sourced, we conduct virtual tours of all our factories and vet all of your new suppliers to ensure they are using safe practices.

Our main charitable focuses are mainly on community and youth sport right now, simply because of how much youth sport has given me. This covers the majority of our charitable budget each year, but we also do a lot of silent auction type donations to all kinds of causes, tragedies, you name it including environmental efforts.