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Behind-the-Scenes: Our Latest Video Project

Behind-the-Scenes: Our Latest Video Project

Q: What was the inspiration behind the latest video?

We wanted to give our audience the opportunity to view some content brought to life through video. We wanted to express our brand's three main values through this project: Freedom, appreciation for Nature & Community. We did so by filming open areas true to my personal life, that have represented freedom and my appreciation for the outdoors since I was a little guy. For our approach on 'community', we grabbed a captivating overhead drone shot of my small town, Rexton, New Brunswick. 

Q: Who were the collaborators on the project?

Throughout this project we teamed up with Moosehead Breweries and their Moose Light division for a couple cold ones, Pizza Delight provided food, and last but certainly not least the Richibucto River Resort, an absolutely stunning resort with cozy chalet and cabin rentals year round!

Q: What does a day of shooting/creating content look like?

A creating day with Country Liberty is ALWAYS fun and taken very casually. We want our creatives and subjects to be as comfortable as possible; it makes for the most natural looking shots. We take a ton of shots and our smiles are ALL NATURAL. 

Q: What can the CL community expect to see more of this summer?

You can expect a lot more video content. We're starting to invest more heavily in vide creation as we feel this brings our audience much closer. The community can also expect myself (Sawyer) getting a lot more involved and personal with behind-the-scenes processes. I will be traveling around the Maritime provinces staying at various national and provincial parks promoting a very exciting new collaboration yet to be announced!! 

We're also ramping up our partnership with the Cavendish Beach Music Festival this summer. Stay tuned for lots of content that weekend!