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Kickstart those Healthy Habits

Kickstart those Healthy Habits

Settling into a New Year can be hard to do; everyone is out at the gym, displaying their extraordinary lives through social media or showcasing all the healthy food they are eating - and all you are trying to do is survive the next 24 hours.
A new year can be challenging; just because everyone else is achieving their goals effortlessly and you are struggling to keep up like them doesn't mean you have to give up. Here are a few tips to kickstart those healthier habits you are craving: 

Consistency is key: My all-time favourite quote; consistency is something that is going to help you battle those challenging days, where you don't want to get out of bed or going for that 30-minute walk seems like someones asked you to run a 10K. 


Limit your moping time: This may seem odd but limiting your time to being sad/down is a good thing, now you may think this is crazy, but afterwards, you will feel better for letting all those emotions out of you. It does help, I promise. 


Reach out to others: Now, this one may seem obvious, but having a support system to keep you motivated and on track is a wonderful way to keep that motivation wave rolling. Tell someone your goals; this could be a goal for the week, the month or the year - Having a community around you that helps and supports your goals is the best way to keep pushing yourself.


Know when to rest: A quote that I had stumbled upon was, "If you get tired, learn to rest. Not to Quit." This quote by Banksy has a powerful message, knowing your limits is a power within itself because in 3 months, when many people are reaching the stage of burn-out from pushing themselves too hard, you won't be. You've given your body that time to rest and recover to keep yourself going. There can be many things to help recharge your batteries, like getting outside for a hike, renting a remote cabin, or starting a new book. 


Take it day by day: Don't try to rush your goals; take it day by day. If you've got a goal that seems impossible to achieve, break it down into little things you can do daily to help you get to your end goal. Baby steps still get you to where you need to be, even if it takes a little longer. 


    I hope these small kick-starters help keep you on track to reaching your goals- keep focusing on you and your self-growth, not what everyone else is doing or posting on social media, because soon enough, you'll be seeing the results you were dreaming of. Remember to always be kind to yourself on your journey and give yourself time to rest, and help others along the way.