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Best Winter Hike

Best Winter Hike

Even though we live in a region where cold winter days make us want to hibernate underneath the covers of our beds and binge watch Netflix all day, it doesn't mean we have to! Here at my top 6 winter hiking trails that are a must before the snow melts away: 


Midland Ice Caves Trail:

This hiking trail was on everyone's to-do list back in 2019, and it should be on yours for 2022! This beautiful trail is on private property, so we ask that you respect their property and not leave any trash if you go hiking here.

This 4.8 km round hike will take you 1 hour and 45 minutes to be transported into a beautiful piece of paradise tucked away under the trees. The ice caves are formed by the water that flows over, forming large icicles creating the walls you see all over Instagram. These Ice Caves have become very popular over the last couple of years, so be respectful to others there and always be aware of your surroundings if you decide to adventure into the ice cave!

For more information, head to the Hiking NB website. This website will give you more details on directions to the Ice Caves and essential information while walking on snowmobile trails. 


PC: Hiking NB


Sussex Bluff Trail:
The Sussex Bluff Hiking Trail can do done all year round, with amazing views looking down through the valley. This 4km all-around hiking trail has a steady climb up to see the spectacular views from the top with an estimated time of an hour; you can easily squeeze this hike into your day!

Once again, the Sussex Bluffs land is privately owned, so if you go to see the beautiful views, we ask that you respect the property and leave no trace. For all the information you'll need to know for hiking the Sussex Bluffs, I recommend going to the Hiking NB Website.

PC: Hiking NB 

Parlee Brook Amphitheatre Trail:
Once again, out Sussex way, we will be heading to the stunning Parlee Brook Amphitheatre Trail; this trail overall will take you an estimated 2 hours while having an all-around hiking trail of 6km.

This longer hike will have you walking for a long time, so I recommend you bring lots of snacks and water and have a downloaded map because you will have no service when hiking further back into the woods. I recommend going to the Hiking NB website for more information on all the directions and where to park your vehicle.

PC: Hiking NB

Dobson Trail:
The Dobson Trail is a 58km hike to Fundy National Park, but I am not suggesting tackling that in the wintertime- but the small loop that you can do will be a relaxing Winter walk to get your body moving.

The small Dobson Trail Loop is located in Riverview and will take an estimated 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how fast you want to walk. The local trail can be a great place to get your body moving and the blood flowing; I would recommend bringing snowshoes or hiking grips for the bottom of your shoes as sometimes it can be very icy.

Find more information on the Dobson Trail Loop at the Hiking NB website.

PC: Hiking NB

Mapleton Park:
This beautiful location has many different trails that you can do with accessibility for all; it can be the perfect walk for a Sunday afternoon. My favourite trail to follow is the Floodplain Trail - it also can be known as the Wetland Loop or the Cattail Trail. This 2.3km walk will take you on a beautiful loop around Mapleton Park and have you walking past the pond where all the local ducks flock too - an excellent place for children to watch wild animals live in their habitat.

Located in Moncton, Mapleton Park is accessible to everyone and has plenty of parking spaces. Research into all the different trails that you can do at Mapleton Park.

PC: Julie Romain Via AllTrails 

Sugarloaf Provincial Park:
Sugarloaf Provincial Park has so much to offer for everyone in the wintertime, from downhill skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing trails, cross-country ski trails, winter hikes, and even snowmobile trails. I would highly recommend heading to the Parks NB website to learn more about what Sugarloaf Provincial Park offers for all outdoor activities!

Sugarloaf Provincial Park has so many beautiful hikes, from hiking to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain to seeing the spectacular views from the top or hiking the steady Sugarloaf Panorama Trail; there are many different trails to get you outside hiking this wintertime.

PC: Cindy Via AllTrails