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The Logo is the Heart of the Brand

The Logo is the Heart of the Brand
From the beginning of Country Liberty, the logo has represented many Canadians living in rural areas. When seeing the Country Liberty logo, it represents something to everyone who has lived in a small town; it symbolizes that you know your neighbours and you'll invite them round for a BBQ supper in the summer, and you're helping them out during a snow storm. The logo represents how we all grew up the same but in different locations, what we did on Saturday nights and somehow still get to tell these stories. The logo is the heart of the brand.

If you didn't know, our logo is shaped the same as a guitar pick, something that represents the Country lifestyle of playing guitar around the campfire on a warm summer's night. Our font is based on a "mom & pop" local grocery shop in your town, the writing within the logo, which represents the feeling of comfort and home when you see the Country Liberty name.

The logo also has a campfire symbol that brings the idea of those summer nights living in a rural town; just above the campfire symbol is the
County that Country Liberty is born in.

Seeing you wear our hoodies with our logo shows that you are proud to be from a small rural community like us. And now, as we expand our logo designs into our Illustrated Series, we cannot wait to see you wear the new simpler designs with the same proudness.
Want to show us wearing your Country Liberty products with pride, tag us @CountryLiberty and use the hashtag #countryliberty.