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Country Liberty Creative: Emma Bradford

Country Liberty Creative: Emma Bradford

If you've scrolled through our site, or follow us on Instagram, you've definitely seen photos by Emma Bradford. Emma is one of our photographers and Country Liberty Creatives. For this interview, we asked Emma about some of her inspirations, favourite places, and goals as a content creator


Instagram Handle: @embradford25

Location: Fredericton during the year for school, and Harvey Station in the summer (my home town)

School/Major: UNB Fredericton, I’m doing a minor in business and a double major in English and Law & Society.

What got you into photography?

In grade six my best friend Hannah and I were obsessed with pictures. We would buy little digital cameras and go around doing shoots in our back yards, and always had a blast. Ever since then, I fell in love with capturing moments and feelings in photography. When I look back I love knowing how I felt in that exact moment.

Photo: @tyscam

What inspires you as a creative?

As a creative, people inspire me. I love branching out and getting to know individuals for what makes them who they are. Doing shoots and events with CL gives me the chance to meet so many incredible individuals, and learn what makes them unique. Each person I have worked with so far has inspired me to stick to my goals, and encourages me to see the beauty in how diverse each and every one of us really is.

Favourite place in the Maritimes?

My favorite place in the Maritimes would be the adorable Deer Island. My mother grew up there, as well as my grandfather on my Dad’s side of the family. I went to the island so often as a child, and was able to experience the fresh sea air, and explore the unseen parts of the island. Not many people visit anymore, but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you do! It is such a peaceful, beautiful, and welcoming little island that truly has my heart.

Photo: @julieleblancphotography

What are your goals as a content creator?

As a content creator, my goal is to display to my followers and friends what Country Liberty is really about. I want to be able to show how personable, unique, and local the brand really is. I adore how CL pushes individuals to be themselves, and to experience life outdoors to the fullest. This brand is truly made for those who love their hometowns, but also those with undying wanderlust, making it a whole different category on its own. I’m here to promote individuality and wholeness, and I absolutely adore doing it.

What's next for Emma?

In the future, I plan on going into Law in order to represent those who are not able to have a voice. I hope to stick with CL in their journey as a brand. Things might not go this way, but I’m happy to go wherever the wind takes me.