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Creating the Country Liberty Red Wine: Q&A with Sawyer Hannay

Creating the Country Liberty Red Wine: Q&A with Sawyer Hannay

For the last few months Country Liberty has been working on an exciting project: in partnership with Richibucto River Wine Estates, Country Liberty has developed our own red wine. This has been a passion project for CL founder, Sawyer Hannay. In this post, we sit down and discuss the new product collaboration with him.

What made you want to sell wine, and how did this partnership come about with Richibucto River Wine estates?

This partnership was simply bound to happen sooner or later, there were simply far too many connections.

First, I live roughly 2 kilometers away from this beautiful local winery. I drive past it every single day on my way to the office and I've been drinking their wine over the past two years consistently, since I've been home and since I've taken an interest in wine.

In addition to how close they are, not only being a New Brunswick Winery but also a Rexton based winery the owner actually has some ties very directly to my family. My Grandfather, who was someone I ALWAYS was so proud to have as a role model and somebody I looked up to SO often, was great friends with Alan Hudson - the Owner of Richibucto River Wine Estates. The two are roughly the same age, grew up together, ski-doo’d together and were simply lifelong friends. This was the icing on the cake for me, I eventually approached them with the idea and they were super open and enthused by it!

They have tons of award-winning wines, and we’re hoping this will be another for them!

Was partnering with a local company important?

Working with local companies and local people is very important when you can. Sometimes it can be economically tough to do so, but anytime the opportunity arises we try to. Personally, I really enjoy doing business locally because I really feel like I am working with the best quality people in the world. As we all know, the Maritimes have a great reputation on an international level and working with Maritimers professionally is no exception. It's super rewarding and more importantly it allows us to grow and find success within our crafts locally, which isn't always easy out here.

I've said it many times but if it wasn't for local support Country Liberty never would have gotten off the ground, period, end of story. Country Liberty is the living, breathing example for what local support can allow, encourage and empower. We will never forget those who supported us and my at times, "crazy ideas,”. Anytime we have a chance to collaborate locally we will!

What kind of red wine is the new Country Liberty wine?

The Richibucto River Wine Estates team has created a perfect blend between their award winning and best-selling Marquette and Froneniac wines. This baby is a hybrid! 

What’s the price and where is it available?

It is currently selling for $17-19 and available at select NB Liquor stores, select NB Sobey’s and NB Superstore retailers. If the wine is not yet in your local retail store, please request the product with the given manager and they will order it from their distribution centres!