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4 Reasons to Love Rural Living

4 Reasons to Love Rural Living

Scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed can make you feel like living in a big city is a must-do thing. The trendy restaurants, sporting events, and concerts can make anyone envy the big city life. However, anyone who has lived in both rural areas and cities will tell you that living in the country has some great things that we shouldn't take for granted.

1. Pure economics. 

Living in rural areas is much cheaper. Finding a great place to live can be easier and more affordable than living in a sub-par shoebox in the sky. You can have a nice spot with lots of property. While your friends living in a city are in a bachelor apartment with an hour subway commute.

2. House parties!

With a minimal number of bars or places to socialize, a lot of the best house parties happen in rural areas. House parties, especially in the summer, bring a lot of people together without the high cost of going out to a club. Any of you who have been to an apartment party in the city know that it’s just not the same, usually having to wrap it up relatively early or risk hearing about it from neighbours or the landlord. If you live in the country, take advantage of the ease of throwing a house party and seeing all your favourite people.

3. It's healthier. 

Less pollution and more fresh air means you get to live a healthier life. While there are no conclusive studies, most experts would say that living in a less densely populated area is better for your overall health. There's tons of nature and scenic views to encourage you to get outside and be physically active, improving your health more so.

4. More outdoor activities!

Living in a less populated area gives you the ability to do some activities that just aren’t possible in a city. Basically, any type of recreational motor vehicle is a no-go in cities. Four-wheelers, snowmobiles, and dirt-bikes are part of many people’s favourite pastimes. It is possible to still have this as a pastime if you live in a city, but this involves planning a whole trip around leaving the city. Living in a rural area, you can just open your garage door and find your way to your favourite trails.  

Even some activities that are possible in metropolitan areas are just better in rural areas. Hiking, for example, is possible but most likely will be a pretty short trail or require a long drive to get to an ideal trail. Another example: golfing. Sure, there are courses all over cities but your usually over paying for a short course crammed in between subdivisions. Most of the highest ranked courses, or best value courses, are in rural areas.

Living in a rural area offers many benefits. Underrated upsides like knowing your community better is more important than many people think. Having people who know who you are, and care about you can play a large part in overall happiness. That is one of the first things people notice when leaving a smaller community and moving to a big city. Whether you have lived in a rural community your whole life, or thinking about moving to the country, know that country living offers many benefits! 

We're proud to live the country life.