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Top 5 Winter Activities to do in the Maritimes

Top 5 Winter Activities to do in the Maritimes

With temperatures consistently below zero and shovelling snow seemingly a daily task, it’s easy to just stay inside and watch your favourite show or movie. That may be a good Idea every now and then, but living in the Maritimes treats us to some of the best activities to do in the winter. Here’s our top 5 suggestions:

1. Outdoor Skating

Like most on this list, outdoor skating is something that can only be done in the cold winter months. This activity is something to be thankful for when the weather hasn’t gotten above zero in weeks. Perhaps the most impressive facility for this is in the heart of Halifax: the Emera Oval. Created for the 2011 Canada Winter Games, The Emera Oval is a must visit for anyone looking for a fun and free winter activity.

You don’t have to live close to Halifax to have a good outdoor skating experience, with outdoor rinks in most of the towns or cities in the Maritimes. Another scenic and accessible outdoor skating area is in Fredericton. Downtown in Officers Square is home to an outdoor rink featuring views of downtown Fredericton as well as the Saint John River. Add a trip to Officers Square next time you’re planning to be near Fredericton.

2. Skiing and Snowboarding

  • You don’t have to travel out West to get your fix of skiing or snowboarding. The Maritimes is home to some great hills to ski in different areas. With many locations within an hour of a city, it is an opportunity to see a new rural community without having to travel very far. Some of New Brunswick’s most popular locations are Crabbe Mountain Located about forty minutes outside of Fredericton. As well as Poley Mountain, located just outside of Sussex, and only an hour away from Saint John. Both offering multiple trails and great lodges a ski Trip to either location is a can’t miss.  

  • Nova Scotia offers a few great locations too. Ski Wentworth has the most trails for a ski hill in Nova Scotia Making it many peoples favorite location to partake in the winter activity. Located in the Wentworth Valley In between Amherst and Truro it is an accessible hill for both residents of Halifax, Moncton and anything in between. Another great location is Ski Martock, known for their terrain park and host to the half pipe completion in the 2011 Canada Winter Games. Ski Martock is a must for anyone who enjoys jumps, rails or any other challenges a terrain park may bring. Located just outside of Windsor it is only a forty-five-minute drive from Metro Halifax.

  • 3. Snowshoeing

  • Many people’s favorite summer pastime is hiking around scenic trails. Just because it’s the winter doesn’t mean you should forget about your favorite spots! Any trail that you can hike is also great snowshoeing terrain. Offering a completely different view of your favorite trails is just one of the great features of snowshoeing. It also opens areas to go and explore that are known as summer areas. Areas like beaches in PEI and the other Maritime provinces make beautiful scenery to snowshoe on.

    Also, don’t forget that hiking is still possible when the level of snow is minimal. There are many areas in Southern Nova scotia, as well as areas around Saint John that go through periods in the winter with little amounts of snow. With a degree of caution and the right kind of trail it’s possible you could be hiking on a beautiful trail in the middle of winter.

  • 3. Winter Festivals

  • Festivals aren’t just a summer activity. The Maritimes are home to some great winter festivals. In Fredericton, FROSTival takes place over multiple weekends in late January early February. Great food, lots of beer and fun activities are highlighted amongst the city, with events for all ages. Live music and other indoor and outdoor activities make Fredericton a great trip destination in the winter. In PEI, the Jack Frost festival takes place in Charlottetown every February. It is the largest winter festival in Atlantic Canada and features hundreds of exhibits activities and fun for all ages. The Jack Frost festival is a great place to take children as there is great indoor and outdoor rides and games. With other festivals all around the Maritimes, keep your eye open for events taking place on weekends.

  • 4. Snowmobiling

  • Snowmobiling is a favorite winter activity for Maritimers. Whether it be just driving around a big open field, or finding a great trail, many people enjoy this activity all winter long. Northern New Brunswick is well known for their snowmobile trails. With a consistent temperature below zero and snow almost always on the ground, it has become a very popular reason to visit. With hundreds of kilometers of trails, northern New Brunswick is a must visit for anyone who enjoys snowmobiling. Places like Edmundston and other towns along the Quebec or Maine border are great options with many hotels and restaurants along the trails.